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Carbohydrate is an important kind of materials in the life body. It plays important rule in the occurrence, development and prognosis of human diseases. A lot of biologically active carbohydrate and its derivatives have been found, and they can improve immunity, reduce blood sugar, be anti-radiation, anti-virus, and anti-rheumatoid.
Carbohydrate chemistry research including the structure, synthesis and modification of the carbohydrate and its derivatives, create the conditions to synthesize the compound which can not be got form in the nature. In fact, the history of the human to study the carbohydrate beginning with E. Fisher is more than 100 years, and it got a large development only in the past 20 years. In 1990, there are 3 laboratory found that the E-selectin which located in the endothelial cell surface molecules can identify the Sia-LeX on the surface of white blood almost at the same time. The discoveries make it clear that the inflammatory process is related to carbohydrate and complex carbohydrate for the first time. And then the anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor drugs were developed according to this research. The study of glycobiology and carbohydrate chemistry were greatly supported by the governments, and the commercialization of research results was accelerated.
Hubei Artec Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is committed to study the biologically active carbohydrate derivatives, cosmetic additives and their industrialization. At present, carbohydrate intermediate, glycosides, oligosaccharides derivatives and polysaccharides derivatives were our main major. We are committed to providing customers with excellent products and technical support. If necessary, please contact tech@artec.cc.

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